Friday, July 22, 2011

capitol city assembely of god invation

Hi all peoples of earth....... i have come from planet colombia and i come in peace.OK.

time to get a little bit siriosor ,last sunday i went to a church in colombia.there i sang my song for the first time to my nanny (grandma) who came all the way from california to help us pack.

Emma and Mommy didn't feel well so they couldn't come.after service they took us to a mexican resteraunta` and the pastor and his wife got me cheese lake wylie that night i finally finished my final test for honor star and passed! So till next time,,,

bye all peoples of earth.

greater life assembally

hi im back all ready! this wednesday every one is feeling well and were staying in clover for this church this is my grandpas church .i sang my song again. emma maid oragami in childrens church. a girl named helen gave her life to jeseus too .that was exiting because i got to pray with her. After wards we got to go to el mexacono.

home sweet home!

Some of my friends from the neigborhood got to come to.

From Charleston to Camden Review

Sorry I have not written to you in long time! I have been relly bessy. So let's go back a few week's shall we?

A few week's ago I went to charlston assembly of god.

They were


genorise! The church had purple carpit!

The church was another missonary familys home church, The Krakes. The are going to Palau! They have two Children, named Joshua and Abigail. They are all from South Carolina.

After church they had a fourth of July cookout. They had a very cool hamburger cake! :):)

Then we had a short drive to Camden.

We were at Camden Assembly of God.

Before the service, while the choir was practicing, Maggi and I got to dance. We danced in the iales. After service we tried to go to the Mexican restaunt for dinner, but they were closed, so we went to zaxbys instead.

We made some new friends, they Love Missionaries! They promised to pray for us, and maybe visit us one day when we are in Costa Rica.

On the way home we saw fireworks on the way home.

I was so happy to be home that night. It was a long road trip.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

friends, life 360 and surprises

Lets go back a few weeks, to our service in York, SC, Cornerstone Family Worship Center. On a way to that service, we picked up our friends, Emily and Hannah. Hannah is my friend, and Emily is Maggi's friend, they are sisters. They had going away gifts for us. Hannah gave me a cupcake necklace. They helped us pass out prayer cards for that service. I had fun taking friends along.

Last week, I went to a church here in Springfield, called Life 360.

Maggi wasn't with me because she was MK camp MuKappa. It was a missionary service to welcome the new missionaries. When we first got there I got to eat a doughnut.

Then I sat with my friend Melia. We went to children's church and I learned about three different countries, Mexico, Cambodia, and Ethiopia.

When we entered the sanctuary I was holding the Costa Rica flag for the mission's parade. Once we got to the front, there was music, lights, and LOTS OF CONFETTI! I felt very welcomed.

On stage, they had gifts for the missionaries. My family received a flip video, and I got a camera.

Both Churches were blessings.

Love you and see you again soon,


Saturday, June 25, 2011

MuKappa Drama

Hi! People of earth!

Sorry I havent been to you latley. I have been at muKappa.

MuKappa is the country of Mks. It is a secure secret place, deep insid the woods of Missouri. To get there we were blindfolded while we rode on the bus. Once there we walked through a little river with our "bags". That was the border of MuKappa. We had to pack all of belongings in trash bags.

At the border, we went through security, that is where they check through your bags.

They didn't check mine because I had a diplomatic passport. Some people brought in countraband, such as candy, snacks, flashlight, tooth paste, toothbrush, etc. If they caught you it was chopped up with machete!

We had to make our camp. We slept in hamocks under a tarp! It rained one night but I did not get wet. We had a lot of fun. I saw 2 snakes! We ate food cooked over a fire. We used the restroom in something called a litrine. Its a hole behined a tarp!

We were in groups otherwise known as tribes, my cheif's name was Cheif Big Blue.

We bathed in the river. It was a little chilly.

There was a family night, when our families got to come.

They had to go through security too. Dad smuggled in 2 bags of jolly ranchers, and sour patch kids, mom brought candy jewlery she called her special jewlrey from the Congo, and Emma smuggled in 2 packets of lemonade, in the cuffs of pants.

After they left, we had smores by the fire. The next day we were suprised with a trip to water park. It was a nice break, becasue we got to use a real toilet!

The first thing I did when I got home was lunch with the family, and then a long bubble bath. My sister made a great welcome home banner, she missed me alot!

I had a great time at MuKappa.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tripo to DC


This is Maggi. Sorry I haven’t reported in a while. The church we were at this week was in Maryland, close to Washington D.C. The pastor and his wife had two boys, Noah and Caleb who were Emmas and my ages. The night before the service we met them for dinner. We had tappas before dinner. After dinner Mrs. Moriah, Pastor Darrell's wife suggested we go to the Fractured Prune for dessert. They specialize in made to order doughnuts. I got a Rollo Doughnut, Sissy got a peanut butter. They were delicioso. We had a great time in Washington D.C., but now we had to get serious for church.

The church we were at had a great children’s church. I sang my song and Daddy preached. I would like to thank the church for letting us stay at a fancy hotel with bullet elevators.

And I would like to thank the man who donated all the eyeglasses. We really appreciated it, and I got to give the box of eye glassess to the Healthcare Ministries Coordinator. She was so excited about receiving such a generous gift. I was able to give it to her while in Springfield, MO. It was a great trip.


Hi, Emma here. Sorry I haven’t got to you guys for a while. Life has been a rollercoaster lately. Let me go back a few weeks and tell you about our service in Lancaster South Carolina. Our GPS named Gabby took us to the pastors instead of the church that morning because daddy gave her the wrong address. At last, we finally found the church though. Gabby will say "recalculating" when we are lost. At Harvesttime Assembly of God I met some new friends

After the service, the church fed us a great lunch. Harvesttime Assembly of God was a very inspiring Church.

Then we went to the Wofford house church. At the house we fed the cows. I threw their food on their head.

At the Wofford’s house they fed us dinner they fed us sandwiches and peanut butter brownies, yum! How did they know I loved peanut butter.
That’s all for now.

Your friend and future missionary,
Emma Cartwright

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jesus Saves

yesterday i went to blacksburg and conisty. both churchs were blessings, at blacksburg i met a little girl her name was neally. neally gave me a doller! then after the service i was the tickle bug.

then we went to a restraunt called The Barn! there was cute salt and peper shakers.

when we got to conisty there was a play set i



they even put glitter on the selling.

wached a movie.

there was a nother day of grate blessings.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maggi in Hartsville and Florence

Last week we went to a church in Hartsville, Christian Fellowship Assembly of God. It was a very cute church.

Pastor and Sister Bowman was very nice.

During the missions offering, I got to sing my song. After service, we were served a very nice lunch at the church. They were celebrating someone's 66th wedding anniversary.

It was a nice.

We will helping one very nice lady with cleaning the dishes and nusery, and she gave me and my sister a love offering. It was so nice.

After this service, and before the next one, we went to a park to rest. Someone was having a birthday party, all the extra goodie bags, they gave to everyone in the park.

The next church we went was in Florence to New Life Assembly of God.

There we meet a little boy named Noah.

He was very nice. I left my music at Christian Fellowship, so I didn't get to sing.

It was a very long ride home, but another successful day.


Road Tripping

On Easter, we went to South Greenwood Assembly of God.

When we got up on Easter morning, I jumped out of bed, searching the hotel room for my Easter basket, but I couldn't find it. Then all of a sudden, we heard the phone ring, and they said, we had a delivery at the front desk. The Easter bunny, had delivered our baskets to the front desk.

Then we went to sunrise service, early in the morning. It was very early.

Then when we were setting up our missions table, someone asked if we wanted to help them. So we said yes. Then we had breakfast at the church, they had reserved special seats for us.

Then we blew up 103 balloons, we tucked verses inside. We were going to let the balloons go after service, so that the balloons filled with the verse could go everywhere.

During this service, I preached my first sermon. My sermon was about Jesus's resurection. I think I did good.

After church we ate at the Japenesse restaurant. It was fun. I got to watch the chef make our food. While mommy and daddy talked with the Pastor and his wife, sissy and I made up a game. We made a tic-tac-toe board out of chopsticks, we used the sugar and sweet and low packets for our x's and o's.

I had a great ride home. When we got home that night, we all watched The Voyage of Dawn Trader.

It was a good day of itineration.

Happy Easter,