Friday, July 22, 2011

From Charleston to Camden Review

Sorry I have not written to you in long time! I have been relly bessy. So let's go back a few week's shall we?

A few week's ago I went to charlston assembly of god.

They were


genorise! The church had purple carpit!

The church was another missonary familys home church, The Krakes. The are going to Palau! They have two Children, named Joshua and Abigail. They are all from South Carolina.

After church they had a fourth of July cookout. They had a very cool hamburger cake! :):)

Then we had a short drive to Camden.

We were at Camden Assembly of God.

Before the service, while the choir was practicing, Maggi and I got to dance. We danced in the iales. After service we tried to go to the Mexican restaunt for dinner, but they were closed, so we went to zaxbys instead.

We made some new friends, they Love Missionaries! They promised to pray for us, and maybe visit us one day when we are in Costa Rica.

On the way home we saw fireworks on the way home.

I was so happy to be home that night. It was a long road trip.

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