Sunday, June 26, 2011

friends, life 360 and surprises

Lets go back a few weeks, to our service in York, SC, Cornerstone Family Worship Center. On a way to that service, we picked up our friends, Emily and Hannah. Hannah is my friend, and Emily is Maggi's friend, they are sisters. They had going away gifts for us. Hannah gave me a cupcake necklace. They helped us pass out prayer cards for that service. I had fun taking friends along.

Last week, I went to a church here in Springfield, called Life 360.

Maggi wasn't with me because she was MK camp MuKappa. It was a missionary service to welcome the new missionaries. When we first got there I got to eat a doughnut.

Then I sat with my friend Melia. We went to children's church and I learned about three different countries, Mexico, Cambodia, and Ethiopia.

When we entered the sanctuary I was holding the Costa Rica flag for the mission's parade. Once we got to the front, there was music, lights, and LOTS OF CONFETTI! I felt very welcomed.

On stage, they had gifts for the missionaries. My family received a flip video, and I got a camera.

Both Churches were blessings.

Love you and see you again soon,


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