Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hoopdy Doo Aiken Review

Sorry I haven't written to ya'll in a long time. But I just lost count. . .

So last Saturday I spent the night at Pastor Watt's house. Miss Laura, his wife was really nice. They made pizza for us, as a snack! After that we went Miss Sharon's birthday party. She served marinated chicken, her speciality. I made a strawberry shortcake to bring to the party. We got the strawberries from the bush-n-vine on the way. One of my favorite things about the bush-n-vine are the strawberry slushies :) Maggi likes them to!

That night we got to sleep on a blow up mattress. It was huge! Maggi read me Nancy Drew before I went to sleep.

When we woke up Pastor Watts made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast, they were yummy!
Then we went to the Pastor's church.

The church had pink carpet! P.S I like pink!

I stood at the door and gave everyone in the church a prayer card.

We got to go to their Children's Church and shared a little bit of what we are going to do in Costa Rica. The workers were nice and gave us a yummy snack. We started watching a video, but didn't get to finish. Then we got to play outside, till mom came and picked us up.

Then we went to Maxines for lunch. I got to eat outside with my sister. My mom watched us from inside.

Then we went home.


Aiken is quite the place to hoopdy doo!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 10th Birthday

On March 13th, we went to Rock Hill, SC.
There was a nice Pastor there.

This was my first time singing a solo. I sang the song "You Can Have Me" by the Sidewalk Prophets. It encourages people to give their lives to Jesus. I was mostly nervous, because there was alot of people there. I think I did good. I felt like God "shot down the power" for me. (like in the book "Heaven is for Real").

After I sang, we went to a nice children's church called Kingdom Kids. I was able to encourage them with my BGMC testimony. Then we told them a little bit about Costa Rica, and how we are going there to tell them about Jesus.

Then Pastor and Sister Lewis took us to lunch. I had a wonderful burrito with rice and beans.

The day was filled with many exciting things for my 10th birthday.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

myrtle beach and Maggi

Last Sunday when I went to Myrtle Beach I brought my two friends Samantha and Emily to celebrate my birthday. The church we went to was great It was Mrytle Beach First Assembly of God.

After service they took us to lunch at Logans. There, when you eat a peanut, you throw the shells on the floor. At one point, we all threw our peanuts at Bro. Alton at the other end of the table. It was his birthday too.

When we were at the beach we stayed in my grandma's beach house. We got to play the Wii. When we were walking on the beach, a man we met taught us how to find sharks teeth. Sam and I found so much that we gave some to Emily and Emma

And then we took a last look at the souvenir shop before heading home.

So far I think itineration is awesome. Next time I have something big to tell you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Barnwell Adventure

Hi i am emma
last week i went to barnwell. when we got there we went on a picnic. it was nice there. there was a playground. there was lots of bugs. we saw an alligator and an icky armadillo. i was so scared.

we spent the night in a hotel. we played old maid.

then on sunday we went to barnwell assembly of God.

i met some children there names were kyle,kasha,keshe.

i told them God bless you guys as they left.

(composed and typed by Emma, mom was just late getting it posted)