Saturday, March 12, 2011

myrtle beach and Maggi

Last Sunday when I went to Myrtle Beach I brought my two friends Samantha and Emily to celebrate my birthday. The church we went to was great It was Mrytle Beach First Assembly of God.

After service they took us to lunch at Logans. There, when you eat a peanut, you throw the shells on the floor. At one point, we all threw our peanuts at Bro. Alton at the other end of the table. It was his birthday too.

When we were at the beach we stayed in my grandma's beach house. We got to play the Wii. When we were walking on the beach, a man we met taught us how to find sharks teeth. Sam and I found so much that we gave some to Emily and Emma

And then we took a last look at the souvenir shop before heading home.

So far I think itineration is awesome. Next time I have something big to tell you.

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