Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It is good to be back at our Home Church. We were able to go to Lake Wylie Christian Assembly for something special. They have something called BGMC which stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. I raised over $1,000 for BGMC. Pastor Jim decided to start a club called the Grand Club, and whoever raised $1,000 becomes a member.

Two of my closest friends are now well on their way to become members for this year. Emma and I got a special award for raising money for BGMC. They had remolded Port Wylie, so it was a real surprise when I walked in the door. Our children's church had communion.

At Lake Wylie, I was so excited to see our picture on the missions wall. It was the first time we had our picture on the mission's wall. I felt so special when I saw my picture on the wall with other missionaries.

Then we were back on the road again to Columbia, for our next stop. That church was Life Church International. At this church there was a really nice Pastor, Pastor Allen and Mrs. D. During the service they gave us a special gift. It was a wind chime. It was so special. Pastor Allen gave a wonderful sermon about the crucifixion. I never realized what Jesus really did for us.

After church we went to a restaurant called California Dreaming. It was a really nice place. They had swords for toothpicks in Emma's grilled cheese sandwich.

After that, we were back on the road to take a mini vacation for Spring Break.

And by the way, one nice lady at Grace Ministries, gave me 2 really nice pairs of sandals. It really meant alot to me. I appreciate them so much.

hoopty do Life Church International Review

Hi guys,
Last Sunday I went to a church in Columbia it was called, Life Church International. They had yummy doughnuts.

In the middle of the service Pastor Allen and Mrs. D. gave us wonderful gifts! (how did she know I loved peanut butter and chocolate?) She said that we could take our special gift and remember that people in South Carolina would be praying for us.

I liked that church because it was in the afternoon at 3:00 pm. We met to girls their names were Jessica and Nicole. They were missionary kids once. Then Pastor Allen and Mrs. D took us to California Dreaming! I felt like a princess because it was HUGE! .

Then we went to Myrtle Beach. I fell asleep lickety split. The next morning we went to the beach to look for shells. Then the next day my best friend Ashley came over to play. We went bowling with her on 2 dollar Tuesday. She was a really good player. I won a game and Maggi’s best friend, Sam, Ashley’s sister won one too. So then the next day we played in the water and then dyed Easter Eggs.

Oh Guys, I forgot to tell you that before I went to Life Church International, we went to our home church Lake Wylie Christian Assembly. I got an award for Bible reading and BGMC giving.

Then we went home from Myrtle Beach.
And that was another story,
Love Emma

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hoopty do Real Life Review

Last week when I went to Real Life Assembly, we had alot of fun. They had donuts for breakfast. When my dad found me there where they were having donuts, he said, "I knew I would find you there." I giggled.

When we were having children's church, we made a keychain. She was teaching about missionaries.

After the service, a family took us to Peruvian Restaurant. There was rotisserie chicken, french fried yuccas, plantains, calamari, and shrimp. It was a feast. Maggi and I shared a churro.

After that we went to Grandpa Lamm's house. Maggi was looking for tadpoles.

I liked being at my Grandpa's house because I got to sit on the scoop of a tractor while he brought me up and down. It was fun. Then we rode on the 4-wheeler.

Please pray a special prayer for Pastor Gil, his wife is very sick.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Greenville and Laurens from Maggi's Point of View

I am sorry I haven't written to you in a while. . .

On the way to Greenville, we stopped at a restaurant called the beacon. When you first get there, a blind man says, "CALL IT" and you tell him your order. He yells it to others. If you order a plate a plenty, they give you so many onion rings and french fries you can't even find your cheeseburger. It was yummy.

We spent the night at a hotel near the church. I read a book and listened to music.

Greenville was really fun, their children's church was great. The teachers were funny and taught a very important lesson. After we were in Children's Church, we went to speak in the main service. Even though I didn't sing my song at this church, it was a great service.

Then we went to a little park in Greenville, where there was a river. I enjoed a good book.

We played there for a while, then we went to Laurens, not to far away from our first church. I did sing my song there. Dad did a great job on his speach, and I am not being sarcastic. Then it was off to home for us.

That was another news flash from itineration from me.


Hoopty do Greenville/Laurens Review

Last week I went to Greenville and Laurens.

We spent the night at a hotel. I got to play Webkinz at the hotel and stay up super late. It was fun.

The first stop of the day, was Greenville First Assembly. It was a really big church. The Sunday School church was nice. In the middle of children's church I had to run to the big church to say my verse in Spanish. After church we ate at the Mexican restaurant. It was yummy. Mommy's friends were with us.

After we ate lunch we went to a really nice park. It was called Fall's Park. I read a book, and played on my nitendo DS. Then I was looking for rocks in the river. My dad showed me how to skip a rock. It didn't work out so well for me. He had two skips. Then Maggi and I played tag.

After that we went to a church in Laurens, Laurens First Assembly of God. Most every time we go to Assemlby of God Churches. After the church service, while my mom and dad were talking, Maggi taught me how to ride imaginary horses. Then we went on our long ride home.

The End.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hoopty do Review of Grate falls

This week I went to Grate Falls. We went there for a church. The Pastors,and the children churchs's teacher, was really nice. She gave me candy! Waile she was teaching we got to make stuff. Her name was Kay Cameron. For lunch the church took us out to eat Chinese Buffet. They had cheese sticks and chicken nuggets.

We will be praying for Pastor Sollers, because he has surgery.

I love you, Emma