Friday, January 13, 2012

Where have we Been?

That is a great question!
We have been a little bit of everywhere since our last post!

We still take pictures at all of our churches (well almost most, we missed 3 in the last year)!

So what we want to try to do is at least share our pictures with you, and some stories from the last few months. We had been writing them down in our journals, but when mom was in SC with Grandma, and Dad with us in California, we were all out of sorts!

So stay with us, and please catch back up with us!

We are having a fantastic time itinerating and meeting people from all over the United States.

Mom and Dad say we will hopefully be leaving this summer for Costa Rica, and that is when things will really get crazy!

We love you guys, and happy 2012!

Maggi and Emma