Monday, May 16, 2011

Jesus Saves

yesterday i went to blacksburg and conisty. both churchs were blessings, at blacksburg i met a little girl her name was neally. neally gave me a doller! then after the service i was the tickle bug.

then we went to a restraunt called The Barn! there was cute salt and peper shakers.

when we got to conisty there was a play set i



they even put glitter on the selling.

wached a movie.

there was a nother day of grate blessings.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maggi in Hartsville and Florence

Last week we went to a church in Hartsville, Christian Fellowship Assembly of God. It was a very cute church.

Pastor and Sister Bowman was very nice.

During the missions offering, I got to sing my song. After service, we were served a very nice lunch at the church. They were celebrating someone's 66th wedding anniversary.

It was a nice.

We will helping one very nice lady with cleaning the dishes and nusery, and she gave me and my sister a love offering. It was so nice.

After this service, and before the next one, we went to a park to rest. Someone was having a birthday party, all the extra goodie bags, they gave to everyone in the park.

The next church we went was in Florence to New Life Assembly of God.

There we meet a little boy named Noah.

He was very nice. I left my music at Christian Fellowship, so I didn't get to sing.

It was a very long ride home, but another successful day.


Road Tripping

On Easter, we went to South Greenwood Assembly of God.

When we got up on Easter morning, I jumped out of bed, searching the hotel room for my Easter basket, but I couldn't find it. Then all of a sudden, we heard the phone ring, and they said, we had a delivery at the front desk. The Easter bunny, had delivered our baskets to the front desk.

Then we went to sunrise service, early in the morning. It was very early.

Then when we were setting up our missions table, someone asked if we wanted to help them. So we said yes. Then we had breakfast at the church, they had reserved special seats for us.

Then we blew up 103 balloons, we tucked verses inside. We were going to let the balloons go after service, so that the balloons filled with the verse could go everywhere.

During this service, I preached my first sermon. My sermon was about Jesus's resurection. I think I did good.

After church we ate at the Japenesse restaurant. It was fun. I got to watch the chef make our food. While mommy and daddy talked with the Pastor and his wife, sissy and I made up a game. We made a tic-tac-toe board out of chopsticks, we used the sugar and sweet and low packets for our x's and o's.

I had a great ride home. When we got home that night, we all watched The Voyage of Dawn Trader.

It was a good day of itineration.

Happy Easter,