Saturday, April 23, 2011

hoopty do Life Church International Review

Hi guys,
Last Sunday I went to a church in Columbia it was called, Life Church International. They had yummy doughnuts.

In the middle of the service Pastor Allen and Mrs. D. gave us wonderful gifts! (how did she know I loved peanut butter and chocolate?) She said that we could take our special gift and remember that people in South Carolina would be praying for us.

I liked that church because it was in the afternoon at 3:00 pm. We met to girls their names were Jessica and Nicole. They were missionary kids once. Then Pastor Allen and Mrs. D took us to California Dreaming! I felt like a princess because it was HUGE! .

Then we went to Myrtle Beach. I fell asleep lickety split. The next morning we went to the beach to look for shells. Then the next day my best friend Ashley came over to play. We went bowling with her on 2 dollar Tuesday. She was a really good player. I won a game and Maggi’s best friend, Sam, Ashley’s sister won one too. So then the next day we played in the water and then dyed Easter Eggs.

Oh Guys, I forgot to tell you that before I went to Life Church International, we went to our home church Lake Wylie Christian Assembly. I got an award for Bible reading and BGMC giving.

Then we went home from Myrtle Beach.
And that was another story,
Love Emma

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