Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hoopty do Greenville/Laurens Review

Last week I went to Greenville and Laurens.

We spent the night at a hotel. I got to play Webkinz at the hotel and stay up super late. It was fun.

The first stop of the day, was Greenville First Assembly. It was a really big church. The Sunday School church was nice. In the middle of children's church I had to run to the big church to say my verse in Spanish. After church we ate at the Mexican restaurant. It was yummy. Mommy's friends were with us.

After we ate lunch we went to a really nice park. It was called Fall's Park. I read a book, and played on my nitendo DS. Then I was looking for rocks in the river. My dad showed me how to skip a rock. It didn't work out so well for me. He had two skips. Then Maggi and I played tag.

After that we went to a church in Laurens, Laurens First Assembly of God. Most every time we go to Assemlby of God Churches. After the church service, while my mom and dad were talking, Maggi taught me how to ride imaginary horses. Then we went on our long ride home.

The End.

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  1. OK, as mom, there are alot of things that I would say, or might not include, but I love this one from Emma, I love that she put they played imaginary horses and that her dad had two skips. It shows me that they are having a great time and making fantastic memories.