Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

It is good to be back at our Home Church. We were able to go to Lake Wylie Christian Assembly for something special. They have something called BGMC which stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. I raised over $1,000 for BGMC. Pastor Jim decided to start a club called the Grand Club, and whoever raised $1,000 becomes a member.

Two of my closest friends are now well on their way to become members for this year. Emma and I got a special award for raising money for BGMC. They had remolded Port Wylie, so it was a real surprise when I walked in the door. Our children's church had communion.

At Lake Wylie, I was so excited to see our picture on the missions wall. It was the first time we had our picture on the mission's wall. I felt so special when I saw my picture on the wall with other missionaries.

Then we were back on the road again to Columbia, for our next stop. That church was Life Church International. At this church there was a really nice Pastor, Pastor Allen and Mrs. D. During the service they gave us a special gift. It was a wind chime. It was so special. Pastor Allen gave a wonderful sermon about the crucifixion. I never realized what Jesus really did for us.

After church we went to a restaurant called California Dreaming. It was a really nice place. They had swords for toothpicks in Emma's grilled cheese sandwich.

After that, we were back on the road to take a mini vacation for Spring Break.

And by the way, one nice lady at Grace Ministries, gave me 2 really nice pairs of sandals. It really meant alot to me. I appreciate them so much.

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