Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hoopty do Real Life Review

Last week when I went to Real Life Assembly, we had alot of fun. They had donuts for breakfast. When my dad found me there where they were having donuts, he said, "I knew I would find you there." I giggled.

When we were having children's church, we made a keychain. She was teaching about missionaries.

After the service, a family took us to Peruvian Restaurant. There was rotisserie chicken, french fried yuccas, plantains, calamari, and shrimp. It was a feast. Maggi and I shared a churro.

After that we went to Grandpa Lamm's house. Maggi was looking for tadpoles.

I liked being at my Grandpa's house because I got to sit on the scoop of a tractor while he brought me up and down. It was fun. Then we rode on the 4-wheeler.

Please pray a special prayer for Pastor Gil, his wife is very sick.


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