Saturday, June 25, 2011

MuKappa Drama

Hi! People of earth!

Sorry I havent been to you latley. I have been at muKappa.

MuKappa is the country of Mks. It is a secure secret place, deep insid the woods of Missouri. To get there we were blindfolded while we rode on the bus. Once there we walked through a little river with our "bags". That was the border of MuKappa. We had to pack all of belongings in trash bags.

At the border, we went through security, that is where they check through your bags.

They didn't check mine because I had a diplomatic passport. Some people brought in countraband, such as candy, snacks, flashlight, tooth paste, toothbrush, etc. If they caught you it was chopped up with machete!

We had to make our camp. We slept in hamocks under a tarp! It rained one night but I did not get wet. We had a lot of fun. I saw 2 snakes! We ate food cooked over a fire. We used the restroom in something called a litrine. Its a hole behined a tarp!

We were in groups otherwise known as tribes, my cheif's name was Cheif Big Blue.

We bathed in the river. It was a little chilly.

There was a family night, when our families got to come.

They had to go through security too. Dad smuggled in 2 bags of jolly ranchers, and sour patch kids, mom brought candy jewlery she called her special jewlrey from the Congo, and Emma smuggled in 2 packets of lemonade, in the cuffs of pants.

After they left, we had smores by the fire. The next day we were suprised with a trip to water park. It was a nice break, becasue we got to use a real toilet!

The first thing I did when I got home was lunch with the family, and then a long bubble bath. My sister made a great welcome home banner, she missed me alot!

I had a great time at MuKappa.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed MuKappa! Our son Tryston still says it's his best memory ever! -- Love reading your blogs, keep up the great work!

    ~Joy (on our way to N.Asia)