Friday, July 22, 2011

capitol city assembely of god invation

Hi all peoples of earth....... i have come from planet colombia and i come in peace.OK.

time to get a little bit siriosor ,last sunday i went to a church in colombia.there i sang my song for the first time to my nanny (grandma) who came all the way from california to help us pack.

Emma and Mommy didn't feel well so they couldn't come.after service they took us to a mexican resteraunta` and the pastor and his wife got me cheese lake wylie that night i finally finished my final test for honor star and passed! So till next time,,,

bye all peoples of earth.

greater life assembally

hi im back all ready! this wednesday every one is feeling well and were staying in clover for this church this is my grandpas church .i sang my song again. emma maid oragami in childrens church. a girl named helen gave her life to jeseus too .that was exiting because i got to pray with her. After wards we got to go to el mexacono.

home sweet home!

Some of my friends from the neigborhood got to come to.

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  1. OK, I love how Maggi spells too! I will find a picture of the service from service in Columbia, Capital City,(it's on Dave's phone) but . . .At Greater Life, I totally forgot my camera I can't believe it, 2 miles from my house. . . mom.