Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maggi's weekend in the low country

This weekend we went to Monk's Corner, near Charleston, SC. We had been driving for quite a while, so when we arrived at pit stop number one, Charleston, we decided to take a walk around. When we were walking around, we found a little park.

We looked at it and it looked there was a bench, and monkey bars. And my mom said, "looks like this is it". So I went to go sit on the bench, when I sat down on it, it started spinning. Then Emma and my mom got on, so then we started pushing ourselves around. Then we went over to the monkey bars, beside it was something that looked like it would spin around. Then we discovered we could actually sit in it. So we had fun with that, because our dad pushed us around while we sat on it.

Next we went walking along the open market in downtown Charleston. We saw alot of cool things, like handmade sweet grass baskets, someone was actually making them. Then we went to our hotel and went swimming.

The next day we went to the First Assembly of God church in Monk's Corner. It was small but inspiring. My best friend Samantha came to the service. Then we went to Cypress Gardens and had a little picnic. This is where my mom and dad got in engaged.

Later that night we went to Georgetown First Assembly. We met some new friends named Erin and Abby.

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