Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life on the Road

The next phase, we call "itineration" has officially started. We have tried to make it an adventure for the girls, as much as we can. This is the part of the journey that takes us all across the state sharing our heart and vision. It is the fundraising part. We are including the girls in our service, and letting them participate any way that they desire. It is such a blessing watching them blossom, and grow.

What I haven't figured out yet, is how to let them find the time in their otherwise busy schedule to blog, so before we got to far behind, I will catch ya'll up.

The Assemblies of God, World Missions, has a department for the children called ISMK (the international Society of Missionary Kids). Their logo is a chameleon, as it can adapt to it's surroundings.

So we thought, one way to mark the itineration trail remarkable for the girls would be to document their stops, with a picture of their chameleon at the church we visited. The girls have their own chameleon, and have colored them and named them. I will let them update you on that later.

Our first service was in Orangeburg, South Carolina at Way of Life with Pastor Hester. The girls had a great time, and even got to be big helpers in the nursery.

We finished that night at Relevant Ministries with Pastor Ernie Cogdell (we forgot to take a picture, but are planning to visit Derrick and Vicky's again and get one in front of the cow!!) That night the girls got to enjoy playing with some old friends and some great food. Mom had a great time being loved on by old friends.

The next week they also made instant new friends with Pastor Bolding and his wife at Carpenter's Tabernacle in Greenville. The church was so sweet to the girls. They even noticed that Emma's birthday was that week, and blessed her with an offering, and not to leave big sister out, they blessed Maggi early. They left that church feeling so loved, and proud to be missionaries.

The next post will be from one of the Girls, I promise.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support through our journey!

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