Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emma in Chalreston/Georgetown

Last weekend, I got to go to Charleston. It was an adventure. The first day I got there there was a "spinny-thing" playground. One of my favorites was a spinny bench. You get on this blue thing, and somebody would push you, kinda like a merry go round, except it throws you off. I met the ground face first!

Then we went to look around in downtown Charleston. After we left we were trying to find our hotel. Gabby, mom's and dad's GPS, drove us in circles. Then I had a dream come true. We were stopped at the train tracks, and I got to see an entire train go by. Then we finally got to the hotel. Maggi and I got to swim for a few hours. We met a friend at the pool, her name was Reagan.

The next morning we went to Monk's Corner First Assembly. My best friend Ashley, Sam's sister, was there. We had a great time. Oh I forgot to tell you to look for MIKO. He is a chameleon, so he can blend in really well. I will give you a hint, he is green.

Then I went to Cypress Garden. I got in a little rolly thing, and my friends pushed me. I went around around and around. So then I got on a boat, and Ashley and I were alligator bait. I was nervous.

We went to Goergetown First Assembly, and I met two new friends, named Abby and Erin. They gave my some great artwork.

I fell asleep on the long drive home.

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