Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maggi's view of itineration

Hello this is Maggi.

My chameleon's name is Grace. My chameleon is colorful.
All the Pastor's have been kindly generous.

Something we do at every church we got to is to set up a table with things from the culture of Costa Rica. For example it has some coffe beans, a globe cup, a wooden placemate with exotic wood from Costa Rica, etc. Every church we go to I have something I say, part of it is. . . "when we got to Costa Rica, it is not just the culture we see, but that we get to tell people about Jesus."

One thing at alot of the churches we visit has a table in the front that says, "do this in remembrance of me".

I love that all the churches have wonderful praise and worship. Most churches are in wonderful locations too.

And so far itineration has been great.


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