Friday, May 4, 2012

Turtle Bay Horray!

hi guys and girls, i had a birthady I am 8 since the last time we talked.That was the old business now here is the new exiting things that have been going on lateley.
Last wensday I workced at a food bank in Reding. Befor the food bank my mom,Maggi,dad,and I went to Turtle Bay,that is a place that is a lot of fun. Now to the food bank, we helped the pastor bake "pizza's" out of bread,sauce,and cheese.
This food bank helps kids that need some help like one very cute little boy named deven.And a pollite little girl in a yellow dress.The place was a magical time kids love the place, perrsonaly so did I.
The kids were very jummpy and FUN kids.I thinks some might become missonarys too. We taught the kids a memory verse that we learned a missonery kid traning Salmes 139: 8 through 10.And they did it by themselaves. So that was an awsome day so encorage, love, and faith wiil change someones life by emma see ya later

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