Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break
The first thing we did on Spring Break was go to a church in Napa. The church we went to was very kind. In the kids class we were in, performed a reinactment of Palm Sunday. Some one was Jesus and the they rode on in a donkey. We took cloakes and laid them down for them to walk on. In the middle of the 1st and 2nd service, somebody treated us to turnovers from the church cafe. They were wonderful. After service the Pastor took us out to lunch at the BuckHorn Grill. It was delish. Then we went widow shopping.

Later that week went to daffodil hill and we saw alot of daffodils. They were so pretty. We got a bunch of pictures to. We also saw peacocks, how silly is that? After that we went to Sutter's creek and ate a huge lunch outside. It was pretty much. . . well. . . awesome! We got to take our nanny with us.

Then we went to froggy town otherwise know as well, Angel's Camp. Every year they hold a frog jumping contest. You can enter your own frog or adopt a frog. I am trying to talk mom and dad into letting me try to enter the Frog jubilee.

We spent 2 nites near Yosemite. We watched movies and played dominoes while daddy drove around and met pastors and went to churches. We woke up in the morning to a loud, abrupt Cocka Doodle Doooo! The owners of teh houser later told us that there was a chicken coop in the back. Emma and I came to love that place. We enjoyed collecting the eggs.

After we left the house we did go to Yosemite, where we saw alot of wonder waterfalls, deer and mountains. We took lots of picutes.

The next day we went Easter dressing shopping, and had a lot of fun.

Then on Saturday and we drove up to Tahoe and went snow tubing. When dad and I conected tubes snow always flew up in the air. Once when I was in a normal sled with mom and emma on tubes, I lost my sled and was going down on my bum. We had tons of fun.

Then on Easter we opened our eyes and went searching for our baskets! They were outside. They were full of little goodies.

We all looked really pretty this Easter. Emma made dad get a matching tie.

That morning we went to church, then had lunch. After that we went to a church in Modesto. We meet some nice people there too. I really liked the great worship, We watched some of our new movies on the way home.

I had a great spring break.

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